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Men's Favorite Real Hot Hilarious Superhero Mom and Sex Goddess healing bodies, bedrooms, and brains in FUN and Foxy ways.

*Buyer Beware: I am taking you to church, a HOLY HOT God-dess church

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As my book and show come out this year, the price is $27 a month and will have behind-the-scenes of my show as well. For college boys on a budget, sign up once, read and watch a ton and then come back months later when and if you need more insights.

Attention MEN: Women are poisoned in America intentionally. There is a systematic agenda to emasculate men and keep the women unwell. I'm here to show you that you're not alone and help you navigate the lands.
Careful Bad Boys: Trying to get into my pants is how I get into your heart!

Good Boys, I am here to be radically honest and revealing with you so that you get your head out of porn and into your full life purpose and truly get what you want in life - in unexpected and wonderful ways!


As a way to help YOU practice asking, you may get a grab bag from the holy wow sexy album of photos and videos I did of myself during the plandemic for a tip of $100 on my OF.

Ask for what you want and really think about WHY that is. I’ll share my self and then we will discuss it.

Couples: I’m here to make your bedroom HOLYYYYY and blow your mind with what you both can do to elevate and expand your sexuality, your hearts, and your spiritual and body connections. This is my favorite thing! I appreciate you accepting the help.
Your relationship is worth it and the world needs your gorgeous connection!

Ask Me Anything

“Is something making you feel anxious, worried, or scared in the bedroom or about your body or abilities? I have no judgments against you, your past, your fantasies, or fears. You can ask me anything.”

Who's This Hilarious, Sassy Goddess, and What's Her Game?

Gentlemen, meet Angela. She’s on a mission: help you find your authentic self, shedding shame and fear along the way. Let’s face it, every choice we make ripples out. So, what choices are you making?

Angela’s vibe? Think of magic-infused, transformative energy with a sultry edge. Yep, she’s got a tantalizing aura that sparks “ah-ha!” moments, even without getting too close. One man doesn’t get all this energy; she’s sharing her gifts with all you gents. While she values her personal space, when it comes to sexual reawakenings and trauma recovery, her life is an open, inspiring book.

Good news? She's sharing.

Caution: Angela’s taking you to a different kind of church—one where she shares her spiritual, sexy testimony. The aim? To get you shouting, “OH MY GOD!” in the most genuine way.

Quick Facts:

  • Hilarious? Check. Foxy? Absolutely. And yes, she’s a filmmaker, content creator, and trauma expert.
  • Oh, and she’s a holistic Sexual Healing Coach—so expect some deep, transformative conversations.
  • With Angela, you’re not just seen; you’re celebrated. Picture Wonder Woman stepping in—no worries if you’re a tad speechless or intimidated; it’s a common side effect.
  • Need nurturing? She’s got that Mommy, Goddess, Teacher vibe down, blending genuine empathy with a Warrior Goddess’s fearless push.
  • If you’re aiming for King, Knight, Prince, or Good Boy status, she’s the perfect QUEEN and she’s a very Good Girl,
  • FUN MOM alert: With Angela, it’s all about genuine vibes, ditching the drama, and being your unfiltered self.
  • Fair warning: Engaging with this powerhouse isn’t for the faint of heart. Enter her realm prepared—with offerings, gifts, or membership dues. Ready to show appreciation? Book Your Time.

BONUS: Get ready for some hands-on dance bodywork that’s set to blow your mind. Brace yourself!

Meet Your Modern Aphrodite

Ex-model and sizzling mom in her 50s? That’s me. Men are my passion. From abuse survivors, veterans, virgins, seasoned charmers, hard workers, devout believers, rebels, closeted souls, submissive spirits, to alphas—and those in between—I’ve guided them all.

My journey has graced me with profound insights into the male psyche, giving me the ability to truly understand their desires and aspirations. Think of me as the champion of men, dedicated to bringing a divine touch to your world and bedroom.

Empowered by my own spiritual and sexual renaissance, I’ve shattered chains of ancestral guilt and shame. By embracing both my masculine and feminine energies, light and shadow, I’ve cultivated a balance and reverence for every facet of desire—from that primal lustful urge to profound Kundalini revelations.

I wear my scars with pride, sharing not only my vulnerabilities but also the life-changing tools I’ve mastered along the way. Trust me, there are monumental perks in knowing me: humor, wisdom, and the freedom to ask me absolutely ANYTHING.

Heads up, gentlemen: Our journey together is spiritual, but expect to worship in a scorching sanctuary where divinity and pleasure intertwine.


🚨 URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Combat Violence with Connection! 🚨

THE CRISIS: Our world is confronting a silent pandemic – the violence against women, children, and indeed men. Decades of deception, including false portrayals like that of Mary Magdalene, have programmed us into insecure consumers. We’re conditioned to feed our insecurities and shame rather than bask in our divine potential. Men, in particular, are hurting. From suicidal tendencies to carrying the weight of childhood traumas, they’re now also being cornered by claims of “toxicity”. It’s time to recognize that men too are victims, and what they truly need is deep, transformative healing.

OUR MISSION: The dark forces of abuse and violence thrive in the shadows of shame and secrecy. We aim to throw back the covers and shine a light with teachings about HOLY WOW SEX. By fostering genuine intimacy and connection, we aim to not just lessen the acts of violence and prejudice, but to actively combat them. And guess what? In this noble pursuit, we promise a journey that’s as divinely thrilling as it is transformative.

Through genuine human connection, we hold the power to vanquish the roots of hatred and violence. Together, let’s change the world of violence in the basements and bedrooms by bringing in the HOLY!

Listen to Mommy

Over the years I have learned the power of my voice, but it was with men that I learned of the erotic soothing nature of my voice. Who knew? I used to hate my voice as well as myself so your love and appreciation has also helped me. I am grateful for that so I am creating what you have requested, audio and ASMR journeys to help you from the naughty to the nice, and always with the intention of love and connection.

Get Mommy

See what you can get online and in person.

Careful, I may turn your world upside down.

My Erotica Novel:

There are no chairs in the world quite like them.

They are four French works of art.

They are modern, high quality galvanized zinc.

They do not rust.

They are all weather and bulletproof.

They are heavy and very expensive.

To the uncivilized they may look like four simple silver cafe chairs, yet to those who know quality, they are quite a find.

All four of them embarked on this journey to save their gorgeous American model owner from the grips of a sociopathic mentor.

Their names are Viviane, Lulu, Adeline, and Babette.

These are their unedited words.

The holy Bedroom

Angela’s mission is to guide us in taking back our bedrooms, not just as physical spaces, but as sacred sanctuaries for love, healing, and connection. By healing our own intimate relationships, we send out ripples of transformation that can heal entire communities.


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3 to 6 Rule Hour Rule

Learn the life lessons, tools and tricks from what Angela discovered by observing hot, successful men

Practice Asking for What You Want

You never know what treasures a Sex Goddess will provide you, but you must make an offering and show respect and adoration otherwise you will be erased from contacting me.

For example I give men sending me their private parts on snapchat a couple of weeks after receiving this site to decide to respect me or be blocked from contacting me. I am not here to waste time. I am not here to just get your rocks off either. I do this work to transform and save lives.

Treat me like gold – or lose me. No excuses.

You are such a good boy.
I know the struggles.