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“You have taught me how to care for someone again. I didn’t think that was possible. I can’t believe how strong you are. I want to be a better man because of you…”


——— Risk Managment, TX, 30s ———

“Thanks for being the catalyst for me writing again. You are an inspiration and bonus, you’re ridiculously hot. I wondered about following you, and did for other reasons 🤤🥵 and now I’m writing again. I’d love to get on my knees to thank you anytime you’d like. 😘”

——— Bartender, CA, 40s ——

Angela Shelton has opened my eyes to the man I want to be, but more importantly to the man I didn’t know I already was. The exciting part is, I don’t know where it is leading, but I know I am on the right track. I fell in very deep love with a woman, in a way I had not been capable of before. Because I fell in love with myself at the same time. THAT is what Angela Shelton is all about. I LOVE Angela Shelton.“

——— Eric Smith, comedian ———

“You’ve treated me better and with more respect and affection than any of my exes……you see me for who I really am and don’t judge me based on my weight or the fact that I’m not making a shit ton of money or bashing my career……for the first time in my life I feel seen with you.”

——— MALE NURSE, 26 MAINE ———

“I absolutely love this content. Angela has such an amazing view on sexuality that’s really made me think about what I like and what I want. I love hearing her thoughts on things because I feel like I’m learning something new every time.”


“Angela gave me the confidence I needed to get the girl I was scared to even talk to. Now she’s my GF. Thank you!!”


“My favorite thing about you is that you have been kind hearted and know how to have fun, but at the same you make it really sexy and informative.”


“These are great reads. Tbh I’m not much of a reader. I hate it, never “have the time for it” but I love to read Angela’s posts and learn about her and her experiences, I think I might have to get my hands on one of her books 😊😊”


“Yet another amazing yet honestly put together post! Love your attention to detail and how you express and describe these acts. Turns me on just knowing you’ve got such a unique mind when it comes down to it…. I sure as hell would never give up a Sex Goddess like you if I got my hands on one 😏 🤤 I’ve had plenty of experience and I know unique women such as yourself are far and few between! Nearly impossible to come across I swear. So I want to learn all about you and everything you have to offer! ”



“It would be easy to say your gorgeous body is my favorite but I think my absolute favorite is your diverse set of skills and accomplishments. You really show what a powerful role model you are to not just women but men too. Like you show me I can live a life where I am myself and enjoy myself while being successful.”


“If more people listened to Angela, the world would be a better place. Her views and attitudes have helped me grow and change in ways that I didn’t think were possible.”

——— SCIENTIST, NY 27 ———

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